Everything you need to run your DAO. All in one place.

An easy to use, all-in-one platform that helps you run your DAO. Easily manage contributors, track your finances, and engage with your community.



Homebase for DAO operators

Motherboard provides DAO operators with a simple, comprehensive platform for seamless DAO management

Contributor Management

Contributor management. In one dashboard

Add and approve new contributors

Assign and modify roles

Manage section / app access

Contributor Management

DAO Management

All you need for operational management

Initiate and sign multisig transactions

Overview of treasury assets

View, track and accept payment requests

DAO Management

Communication built for DAOs

One stop for internal, community and partner communication.

Private key encrypted messaging suite

DAO-to-DAO chat

Discord integration

Communication built for DAOs

Active Governance

Post, Vote and View DAO proposals

Snapshot integration

View Scheduled, Active and Closed proposals

Analyse results

Active Governance

Accounting Suite

DAO native accounting software

Automated internal reporting


Label driven classification

Accounting Suite



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